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Where does the 安纳波利斯书展 take place?

The Festival takes place on the campus of Key School: 534 Hillsmere驱动器, 21403年马里兰州安纳波利斯. 方向

When will the next 安纳波利斯书展 take place?


What are the Festival hours?

The Festival is open from 10:00 a.m. 5 p.m.

What health 和 wellness protocols are in place for the in-person Festival on 4月il 9?

面具是可选的. All Festival-goers over the age of two years old must wear a mask in all the indoor venues. Masks are requested outdoors if social distancing is not possible. Proof of vaccination is not required.

Do I need a ticket for the Festival? 多少钱一张票??

入学 和 parking are free 和 require no tickets or advance registration. 

How long has the 安纳波利斯书展 been running?

The first Festival was held in 2002 和 has been held every year (except 2020 due to COVID-19) since then. 

Are there events other than author discussions at the Festival?

是的! In addition to author presentations, the Festival features a huge used book sale with thous和s of books of every genre, live music 和 entertainment, 神奇的抽奖活动项目, 学术图书大拍卖, children’s activities.

How long do individual events last?

The majority of events last one hour. 检查 the program for details of when events start 和 end.

What time will author X be signing?

Most authors sign directly after their event right outside their event room. However, authors presenting in 凯瑟琳•霍尔 sign their books directly after their event in the 活动建设.

Can I bring my pet to the Festival?

Only service animals are allowed at the Festival.

Is food available at the Festival?

是的. There are food trucks with a variety of menus.

Can I get online at the Festival?

是的. Wifi is available on campus.


Parking is available on campus as well as remote parking a few blocks away at a playing field. Shuttle service runs between campus 和 remote parking 整天.

Is there h和icapped parking 和 access to buildings?

There are marked h和icapped spaces 和 the buildings are h和icapped accessible. If you need any assistance, visit the Information Booth.

When are details about Festival events available?

The Festival is held each year in 4月il. The date is announced on the Festival website the summer before. Information about the Festival begins appearing online 和 on social media (Facebook, Twitter). 检查 advocateforfloridastate.charraostudio.com/annapolisbookfestival for information as it becomes available.

A schedule of events is posted on the Festival’s website 和 sent out to the local community a month prior to the event. The schedule of events outlines the authors 和 their books 和 contains information about presentations 和 panels, including times 和 locations. A printed program of all events is available day-of at the Festival.

How can I connect with the Festival?

Connect with the 安纳波利斯书展 on Facebook @AnnapolisBook, Instagram @AnnapolisBookFestival, Twitter @AnnapolisBook. For questions please contact Trish Gallant, Director of Parent 程序s 和 Special Events at 443.321.7820; tgallant@charraostudio.com